Our Program

People holding hands at rehabilitation center

Our Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Koenigsmark, or Dr. K as we call him, runs our rehabilitation center practice. He has seven years of working with addiction, and over three years of using MAT. He will see you personally and manage your care from beginning to end.

Our office in Seymour is a self-pay rehabilitation center clinic. At this time we do not accept insurance, however, we will work with you to go through the steps needed to get medications filled through your insurance.

Our Medication Addiction Program follows all of the guidelines established by the DEA and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It follows a strict set of rules that must be followed. All patients must signed an agreement with Dr. K and follow all of the rules in the agreement.



Our program treats every person individually. Initially you will have a complete evaluation with Dr. K. If he feels you are an appropriate candidate for our program he will talk with you about what medications, such as Buprenorphine, or one of the name brands, will be best for you. Initially you may have to come every week for a revisit, but that is decided on an individual basis. We have found that most people can do well when they are seen once a month.

At each visit you will have to give us a urine sample so we can make sure you are taking your medications appropriately, and to make sure other drugs are not in your system. We will review your prescription history through a program such as INSPECT in Indiana. With this program we can see what other controlled medications you may have had filled.

If a patient breaks any of the rules in their initial contract they must be released from our program. But our goal is not to have these rules to make people fail. These rules are in place to make patients realize that getting off opiates takes work, but it is worth it. And eventually our goal is to get you off Buprenorphine. It can be done.